The Lost Rowans

William Shakespeare hid secrets in his writings, clues to guide intrepid wanderers to Faëlan, a land of mythical creatures, whispering trees, and shimmering magic. But as the centuries have passed, Shakespeare’s clues have been overlooked, forgotten. 


Until now. 


Lorelai, Nat, and Danny Rowan know nothing about Shakespeare’s secrets. As for believing in fairies? Definitely not. The siblings have grown up in a smoggy city, trapped in the miserable Kracken Institute for Orphans, Foundlings, and Unwanted Children.


But everything changes when a mysterious dog helps them escape to the ancestral Rowan home. There they find a dotty but devoted aunt, and a home filled with enchantment. But they also uncover an ancient curse shadowing their family; a curse that can only be unwound with fae magic. Aided by a powerful but scatterbrained druid, the Rowan siblings race to unravel Shakespeare’s secret clues and reach Faëlan, before the curse destroys not only their new home, but the entire Rowan family as well.