The Lost Rowans

Deep within the world's oldest forests lie secret pathways into the land of Faelan, a place of mythical creatures, whispering trees, and shimmering magic. But as the years have passed, the pathways have been lost. Forgotten.

Until now.

Lorelai, Nat, and Danny Rowan have never heard of Faelan. As for believing in fairies? Definitely not. Smart and scrappy, the Rowan siblings have each other, but little else.Their home is the Kracken Institute---a miserable orphanage where they are forced to work from dawn to dusk. 

But everything changes when an old family dog mysteriously arrives, and helps the siblings escape to the ancestral Rowan home, which lies near an ancient forest. There they find a dotty but devoted aunt and a home filled with enchantment. But they also uncover a powerful curse shadowing their family, a curse that can only be unwound with fae magic. Aided by a scatterbrained druid, the siblings must race to find a long-hidden pathway into Faelan, before the curse destroys not only their new home, but the entire Rowan family as well.